two kitchens, same cookie

My good friend Sue is teaching in Italy and sharing her adventures on her blog The New Normal. She is always posting about making pasta and shopping for ingredients at the local market but to my surprise we both made Buttered Popcorn Cookies over the past two weeks.

sue's popcorn cookie

Sue made her cookies using the UK version of Deb Perelman’s Smitten Kitchen cookbook. Even though she can’t get all the ingredients the book calls for in Italy, she still loves the cookbook and loved the way these cookies turned out.

calley popcorn cookie

I used the Joy the Baker version of the Buttered Popcorn cookie recipe which was adapted slightly from the Smitten Kitchen recipe.  Both of us described the cookies as addicting and were loved by everyone we shared them with. I would make this recipe again and I think it is the perfect cookie to bring with you when watching movies in the park this Summer.

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