Edgar the elephant

When I make stuffed animals for kids I imagine what they might name them, like Edgar or maybe Eleanor. It is a fun way to pass the time while stuffing or sewing the toy together. A little more about the pattern I used to create this squishy little elephant.



I used the FREE Elefante pattern from Susan B. Anderson’s blog and Debbie Bliss’ Cashmerino yarn.




The pattern was easy to follow, but it is one that you need to either print off or copy and paste into a word document so you can read it on your tablet. Throughout the pattern we see pictures of the elephant, but none that really show the individual pieces so I thought I’d show you all a few.


elephant nose


Like the elephant’s nose. You need to really make sure that you stitch up the flat front part of his nose because the cast on hole is a bit larger than normal. ¬†Also, it felt like that would be the part of the elephant getting the most abuse, perhaps it would get picked up by the nose, a lot.


elephant head

stuffed animal head



The top of the head was a bit of a challenge because you are stuffing and decreasing at the same time, but sitting at a table made the construction a lot easier because needles, stuffing, and pattern could be spread out all over.




You have to crochet the ears for this little guy and even though Susan does go over how to crochet, it took me about a week to figure out how to decently crochet and make two circles. I wish I had a few great video tutorials on how to crochet but there weren’t any out there. Most videos were badly lit and just “did” instead of explained.


Overall, I’m not sure if I would make this stuffed animal again or if I would recommend knitting it. I do know lots of other knitters who love this piece and have made it multiple times, so as Levar Burton says, “you don’t have to take my word for it.”

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