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It was my friend Sue’s 30th birthday (on the right, the one wearing the tiara) last Monday and to celebrate we threw a big backyard bash a the weekend before. We knew that we were going to be throwing the party since the start of Summer, so when Tattly a temporary tattoo company run by swissmiss had it’s Two Year Old Sale I jumped and ordered just a few fun tattoos for the party.




The tattoos were a huge hit and so much fun to see how people decided to wear them One friend did a whole bunch on his neck and throughout the night added more tattoos. I think they would be a hit at any party and would suggest skipping decorating your party space and just let folks decorate themselves. These were all that tattoos I ordered: F Haters, Sheriff Badge, Party Watch, Red Yarn, Premier Set, Nautical Set, Birthday Set, Unicorn, and Rainbow.



Tips for putting on Tattly temporary tattoos.


1. Make sure you take the protective plastic off. There were a few tattoos that had a second layer or plastic film, so the tattoo adhered to that instead of the skin.


2. Have a tattoo buddy. You will probably need someone to help you place the tattoo or possibly suggest a better place to put the tattoo.


3. Be creative. A lot of people took scissors to the tattoos and cut out the part of the design they liked and then shared the remaining tattoo with a friend.


4. Stay hydrated. Make sure you have enough water on the towel that you use and do the water rinse after. It really did help keep that tattoos on longer.


5. Be prepared. If someone asks if your tattoo is real and I promise they will, be prepared and have an awesome answer and then follow it up with the truth.


p.s. Thank you Alexe Cooney for the pictures & more pictures of that temporary tattoos and party from Nicky Cheese will be available soon.


p.p.s This was not a sponsored post.

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