1st Annual Backyard Bash


About a month ago we celebrated my friend Sue’s 30th birthday and I promise to share all the recipe and what not from that night. So, below are all the awesome salad recipes and a few other things, like a pie in the face video.  Hope you all are having a great Saturday!


Potato Salad use red potatoes and add a bottle of drained capers.


Roasted Edamame Salad


Zesty Quinoa Salad, cook quinoa in vegetable broth and a bit of cumin.


Pasta Salad recipes, I mostly combined ingredients that would taste well together but wouldn’t be too heavy.


Red velvet cake and frosting, next time I’ll make a base frosting so I won’t get red crumbs everywhere.


This is the smoker that M.D. used for the meat and this is the video of a pie being thrown in M.D.’s face.


More about the temporary tattoos here.



Tips for you when throwing your own party:


How to Introduce People


How to Talk to Strangers

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