coo coo bananas

banana nutella muffins

Last week I purchased a bag of baking bananas, you know the more brown than yellow banana you can pick up at most grocery stores. I purchased it on Wednesday but the bananas weren’t quite ripe enough, so I waited till this weekend to go coo coo bananas in the kitchen.

banana nutella muffin

I made Banana Nutella Muffins on Saturday morning and while I was really excited to scarf one down as soon as they came out of the oven, I found that they needed a few hours to settle before they tasted really good. This is also a really great kids baking project since you get to mash the bananas and then swirl the Nutella in to each muffin.


I also made Maple Banana Mini-muffins but with a dash of cinnamon and I sprinkled turbine sugar on top.  This is a recipe that I’ve made before and will probably make another million times because it is so easy and it is the perfect late night, I only have one of everything in the cupboard recipe. I’ve got a few more bananas left. so I am going to make one more batch of banana bread from the Baked cookbook and I’ll share that with you all on Wednesday.

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