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This morning my niece, long time friends Betsy and Derek, and I headed to the park to enjoy some of this Indian Summer. It was a blast and I can’t believe how fancy parks have gotten since I was a kid! Have you been to a park lately? What are you up to this weekend? Well if you need anything to do there are a lot of great recipes and diys below.


My Tumblr, less diy more tech, fashion and beliefs.


Try out Vizify to create your social media inforgraphic.


Pretzel potstickers, I’ll probably be adding cheese and some veg as the filling.


My patterns are now on Kollabora.


Make use of those browning bananas and on sale canned pumpkin with this Pumpkin Banana Bread recipe.


Great gift idea.


Check out this Giant Pom Pom from London-based artist Eleanor Davies.


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