neutella day



So if you haven’t noticed, I have been tinkering around in my blog for the last few months because I was trying to get some of the bugs, like setting up a publish time and photo formatting working.  While I haven’t gotten everything figured out, I decided it was time to get posing again and I will be sharing lots!  Like how I bought a dutch oven (on sale at TJ Maxx) and an immersion blender to help me through Winter.

banana nutella muffins


When we were kids my Aunt Missy used to bring back Nutella from Germany and we were amazed that we could eat such a delicious treat on toast for BREAKFAST!  Now you can get it in almost every grocery store but it still holds a special place in my heart.  So when I realized that today was Nutella Day (I know, another day) I thought about few months ago when I made Nutella Banana Muffins and decided that I should make this Nutella Swirled Banana Bread recipe.  I think I’ve learned that you really need to make sure that the Nutella is covered by batter so you don’t have it browning or even burning before the muffin or bread is fully baked.  Do you have any baking with Nutella tips or recipes?





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