shark week

It’s Shark Week 2014 and if my news feed is any indication folks are pulling out all the stops to celebrate this year with shark themed treats.  Cupcakes and Cashmere shared this cupcake idea, which based on Apartment 402’s post looked like it was a pretty easy recipe to pull off.  If you’re looking for something really simple, get creative with shark gummies and blue and red jello.  You may want to think about making the jello 21+ flavored if you are playing a Shark Week drinking game.

I won’t be going to any viewing parties this week because I’ll be busy finishing up a project that is due on Friday, so I’ll probably just participate by wearing my Shark Week Period Panites from Harebrained!, thumbing through shark patterns on Ravelry, thinking about making these cool shark tooth earrings from P.S.-I made this and listening to the Life Aquatic soundtrack.

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