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It has been a crazy weekend filled with missing bus stops, last-minute ticket purchases for Riot Fest, super fun date conversations, cold recovery, furniture building and possibly picture hanging.  What have you been doing with your weekend?  You still have a whole day!  Do something fun and not on your list.

Crafty’s Geekiest Knitting Patterns

Brown Butter Waffle Cake, can’t wait to make this for a fall birthday brunch.

How to be Alone, reading this before I begin to make travel plans.

Grandma’s be tagging

I’m giving up Chanel 5 for this musk.

Avocado Toast

Can’t stop playing Tampon Run.

Toft Luxury British Knitting.  Finally a well designed yarn website!

Foxygen, How Can You Really and Frazey Ford, September Fields

Let’s talk about death baby.

I want to see The Skeleton Twins

Oooh you don’t like it when I’m sarcastic?



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