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Yes, I’m still posting!  I know that I haven’t been making much of an effort lately but I’ve been focused on stepping away from the computer after work these past couple of months and focused on creating, traveling and spending time with friends.  I even kicked myself off of Facebook to encourage myself to spend my internet time more wisely.  I don’t know if it worked completely because I do have to ask friends to look things up for me and remind friends to invite me to things the old fashioned way… via email.  If you’re wondering what filled my Facebook void, I quickly found myself reading other’s blogs, posting on Pinterest, and Tumblr and even Tweeting!

Now, if you’re saying that that doesn’t seem like I really spend less time on the internet, I would probably say no but I think it is a more productive way to use my internet time and it has inspired me to start sharing with you all again!  Aren’t you lucky.

So start stopping by again.  I think there will be a couple new posts in the next few days and at least one post per week after Winter Break is over.


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