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We’ve all been in the dog food aisle trying to figure out what food to get for our pup. Do you get grain-free? Do you get frozen? Dehydrated? Canned? What is the best for my dog?! Well, I can’t say what is best for your pup but my personal revelation came after talking with one knowledgeable Petco employee about Ella’s food troubles. I had explained that even when giving her plain chicken and rice, she still had an upset stomach and bad bowel movements. The employee replied, “She’s probably allergic to chicken. It’s more common than you think.” You could have knocked me over with a feather but sure enough, I switched Ella’s food and treats to be chicken free and everything changed! And after trying a few different dog food brands, I’ve decided to make her food from scratch. Sounds crazy, but it’s easy to do and if you’re like me and watch for sales or buy in bulk-it’s cost-effective.  Below is the recipe I created. It is based on the many dog foods that we tried. I make her food on Sunday when I do my meal prep and this amount lasts the whole week, using 2 scoops (about 2 cups) at breakfast and dinner.

3-4 sweet potatoes

2 lbs of ground beef

1-12 oz bag of frozen peas

1/2 a 12 oz bag of frozen blueberries 

You can add carrots, fish oil, baking potatoes, spinach, etc depending on what your pup likes. Remember to check the ASPCA’s poisonous food list before adding ingredients. 

Cook meat until brown and let cool. Boil potatoes for 4-5 minutes, drain and rinse with cool water. Combine the beef, potatoes, blueberries, and peas in a container. Keep the food refrigerated at all times. You can serve your pup’s food with a little bit of water, cold or warmed up in the microwave. You need to wash your pup’s food dish after each feeding. 

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