the one with all the thanksgiving episodes

I love Friends. I could quote pretty much every episode and the Thanksgiving episodes are my favorites. My favorite is the Flashback episode! What is your favorite episode?

  • The One Where the Underdog Gets Away- Season 1, Episode 9: This episode establishes the tradition and is a must see.
  • The One With the List -Season 2, Episode 8: This episode is really a Ross and Rachel storyline. I suggest getting up to check on your turkey during this episode.
  • The One with the Football -Season 3, Episode 9: This episode is one of my personal favorites. It reminds me the most of my own brother-sister relationship.
  • The One with Chandler in the Box- Season 4, Episode 7: This episode is the reason I use the word “threefold” and is a classic Joey & Chandler storyline.

  • The One with the Thanksgiving Flashbacks- Season 5, Episode 8: This episode gave us the gif of Monica dancing with a turkey head and a young Joesph Gordon Levitt.
  • The One Where Ross Got High- Season 6, Episode 9: This episode is where we learn what a trifle is, why Monica and Ross’ parents don’t like Chandler, and how far Joey will go for the hot roommate. 
  • The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs –Season 7, Episode 8: The episode that’s worth it for Joey’s “moo point.”
  • The One with the Rumor –Season 8, Episode 9: The episode where you’re reminded of the glorious Brad Pitt and his comedy skills.
  • The One with Rachel’s Other Sister -Season 9, Episode 8: The episode where Christina Applegate crushes it as the sister you never wish you had.
  • The One with the Late Thanksgiving– Season 10, Episode 8: The episode where you agree with their decision to call it quits. 

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