long weekend

It is a holiday weekend, and that means no work on Monday! However, instead of packing up and heading to Northern Wisconsin this weekend I’m going to stick around the city and get stuff done. Here is my weekend to do list:


Sew: Need to add a zipper in to the David the Gnome pillowcase I made a few weeks ago


Do laundry. Did you know you could make your own detergent?


Knit: a Bobbi Bear for little cousin M, sweater vest for me and start a baby blanket


Read: I have a stack of books next to my bed that I need to finish or, for that matter, start.


Go: Yoga class. I’ve been going to Core Power Yoga this past month, and I am pretty much addicted.


Plan: Be a good bridesmaid, aka finish planning a bachelorette party and plan purchases for bridal showers and go see Bridesmaids.


I hope you have you all have a safe, productive and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!

“put an Oero in it!”

Some of you may be familiar with the saying “put a bird on it!” from the television show Portlandia on IFC.  Well, yesterday, my cousin introduced me to the saying “put an Oero in it!”

For example, don’t just make a chocolate chip cookie – make a chocolate chip cookie with an Oero in the center; or, don’t just make brownies – make brownie-covered Oreos!  This may seem a bit indulgent, but what delicious baking treat isn’t? Here are a couple recipes for Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies: Amandeleine’s recipe and Becky Bakes’ recipe and Picky Palate’s Brownie Covered Oreos.

circle scarf

A few weeks ago, The Needle Shop was having a 15% off all fabric sale, and I went a little hog wild on buying fabric; however, I didn’t really have any projects in mind.  So after a few weeks of looking at the pile of fabric, I chose to take the remnant cotton fabric and make a circular scarf.  Yes, it is similar to the style of the American Apparel circular scarf – it’s just a lot cheaper.  It was super easy, and I will have the step-by-step guide up later this week.

new layout

I have a new layout, isn’t is great!  I will be importing the old posts very soon, so don’t worry but in the meantime leave feedback on the new look.