turkey week

image & centerpiece idea via Oh Happy Day

It’s Thanksgiving week! For me, that means 2 things: 1-watching all the Friend’s Thanksgiving episodes and 2- making green bean casserole. If you’re not familiar with the Friend’s Thanksgiving episodes, you can use Variety’s All Ten Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked post. My own ranking, your Netflix guide, and snack pairings in tomorrow’s post. As for my green bean casserole, this year I’m trying Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook Cravings recipe. I’ve tried the traditional-everything canned recipe to the everything fresh recipe and haven’t ever found the exact taste I’m looking for, but I Chrissy’s recipe is a promising combination of both styles. What are you making for Thanksgiving? Do you stay with your traditional recipes or change things up?

magical monday

We get it, Garfield, Mondays are the worst. But instead of focusing on the terrible part about Mondays, I like to focus on all that I can get done in a week to fully enjoy my weekend. It was a habit I cultivated when I went back to school in January and it served me well as I was going to school three days a week and needed to make the most of my downtime. On Sunday nights, I write down a list of everything I’m interested in: doing, reading, seeing, learning, etc. And on Monday morning as my coffee slowly kicks in I put everything in a Google Keep list and set reminders for anything that has a due date. This allows me to see everything I plan to do and prioritize what I “need” to get done and what would be “nice” if I got it done. For example, “redesigning my website” goes in the need pile and “finishing colorful wedges baby blanket” goes into the nice pile. This way when it’s Friday night and I’ve finished everything on my need list, I can enjoy the weekend completing my nice list. It makes binge-watching Hallmark Christmas movies much more rewarding knowing that I’ve got everything finished.  


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Yes, I’m still posting!  I know that I haven’t been making much of an effort lately but I’ve been focused on stepping away from the computer after work these past couple of months and focused on creating, traveling and spending time with friends.  I even kicked myself off of Facebook to encourage myself to spend my internet time more wisely.  I don’t know if it worked completely because I do have to ask friends to look things up for me and remind friends to invite me to things the old fashioned way… via email.  If you’re wondering what filled my Facebook void, I quickly found myself reading other’s blogs, posting on Pinterest, and Tumblr and even Tweeting!

Now, if you’re saying that that doesn’t seem like I really spend less time on the internet, I would probably say no but I think it is a more productive way to use my internet time and it has inspired me to start sharing with you all again!  Aren’t you lucky.

So start stopping by again.  I think there will be a couple new posts in the next few days and at least one post per week after Winter Break is over.


workout wednesday

I’m into my third week of work and have been brutally reminded of how quickly those bite sized candy bars, catered lunches and yummy treats from co-workers can add up from one small treat yourself moment to a bad habit. So last week Thursday I kicked the mini candy bars to the curb and today I introduced my co-workers dance breaks and air squats and jumping jack TABATAs. What do you do at work to keep you moving and healthy? Also, I’m super excited to take class at Tula yoga studio on Saturday.

lunch time

I have some news… on Monday I started to work full-time at a High School just outside of Chicago, IL. This means a lot of things but mostly that I won’t get to walk into the kitchen in whip up my lunch like I have this past year and I have completely forgotten how much of a chore it is to pack healthy tasty lunch. So I thought I would start sharing what’s in my lunch, this way I can share some probably easy recipes but it will also keep me on track for packing my lunch and not buying it. The first place I’m hitting for new recipes are is Yummly. The mission of Yummly is to be the world’s largest, most powerful, and most helpful food site in the world, so I think it will help keep my lunch box lively. What did you bring for lunch?

weekend love




Last weekend friends and I went bowling at Bryant Lake Bowl and it was a blast. We got there early at 6:30 pm and bowled three games. Our last game or frame we played the group next to us for desserts. We won but shared all of the delicious treats. This adventure bowling made me start thinking of other fun indoor activities that you can do with friends during the Winter (besides cocktail hour) and I was wondering if you all have any suggestions or favorite activities?


Getting ready for Thanksgiving and need a GF pie crust? Check out GF Girl’s recipe.


All of my knitting patterns are available on this website but you can also find them and the folks knitting them on Kollabora and Ravelry.


A September soundtrack and quick morning wake-up workout from The Four Percent.


Homemade Bloody Mary Mix recipe from Goop.


With the chilly Fall weather setting in don’t you want to sew or just snuggle up with one of these blankets.


When running I’ve been tucking my hands into my sleeves and have started writing a pattern for running mitts. Anything you’d like to have in a pair of running mitts?



1st Annual Backyard Bash


About a month ago we celebrated my friend Sue’s 30th birthday and I promise to share all the recipe and what not from that night. So, below are all the awesome salad recipes and a few other things, like a pie in the face video.  Hope you all are having a great Saturday!


Potato Salad use red potatoes and add a bottle of drained capers.


Roasted Edamame Salad


Zesty Quinoa Salad, cook quinoa in vegetable broth and a bit of cumin.


Pasta Salad recipes, I mostly combined ingredients that would taste well together but wouldn’t be too heavy.


Red velvet cake and frosting, next time I’ll make a base frosting so I won’t get red crumbs everywhere.


This is the smoker that M.D. used for the meat and this is the video of a pie being thrown in M.D.’s face.


More about the temporary tattoos here.



Tips for you when throwing your own party:


How to Introduce People


How to Talk to Strangers

have a fab fall weekend


I’m going to be doing a lot of knitting this weekend to fill a cowl order and I plan on watching a lot of The Good Wife on Hulu and sipping on hot coffee since the weather started acting like it was September.  What are you all doing? Staying inside because it is Friday 13th?! If you are catch up on a few good posts below.

How to read a recipe


13 Different ways to make hummus


Color tipped scarf pattern


Keep your books warm


Leslie Knope girl code


Just ordered this awesome tank top and this one tank top


happy weekend


McNulty and Bellatrix Lestrange as Burton and Taylor


Great ideas for how to display family photos.


Need a summer scarf and a Summer time sewing project? This Smocked Summer Scarf project is perfect for you!


A new and positive way to start your day.


New style of my favorite print from Megan Lee Designs.


50% off sale at Tattly! Buy a few for gift bags, to put in care packages or to slap on before you go out for the night.


It has been months since I’ve watched The West Wing but I still think about Josh Lyman and want him to be my best friend, like him and Donna before things got mushy.


wedding love


Today seemed like an excellent day to share a few DIY wedding ideas with everyone.



20 Wedding Backdrop Ideas from Design Sponge



Dip feathers bought from Amazon or found in paint and add to center pieces, bouquets, or using different lengths of string hang them up through the venue.


Dress up your everyday T-strap sandal with ribbon or paint the the toe one of the wedding colors.  Either way you could save your wedding party money and they won’t have to pack a spare pare of shoes.


And when everything is over, you may want to check out these DIY Flower-Dyed Thank you Notes project.  Hope everyone is having a great time making plans for their weddings!