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      I was watching the Parks and Rec episode Leslie and Ben and it occurred to me that I haven’t posted anything about weddings for awhile, so I thought I’d share a few things I’ve spotted on the internet the last few months.     100 Layer Cake’s Inspiration Guide has tons of ideas and makes it easy to pin […]

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  • wax paper candle holders

    Tis the season for holiday parties! I attend a lovely party hosted by friends in Duluth, MN this past weekend and was quickly reminded about how fun it is to eat, drink and be merry while inches upon inches of snow falls on the ground. And while I was outside watching the snow fall, sipping […]

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  • a dash of diy

    When holiday gift making gets to be a bit too much, I turn to giving some of my favorite beauty products as Christmas gifts, like Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment.  But even though I opt out of making something for the gift, it doesn’t mean I won’t try to make the packaging more creative/crafty.  Like using […]

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  • baby hipster

    I spent all last week hanging out with my 6 month old niece and was super inspired to make a younger version of the slouchy hats I’ve been designing lately. At first I thought that the hat may not last that long on my niece’s head before she tried to pull it off, but because […]

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    Need a book recommendation for the summer? Check out Good Reads, where you tell them what titles or genres you’ve enjoyed in the past, and they’ll give you surprisingly insightful recommendations.   Did you drive or walk by a strawberry stand today? Why not stop by and pick up a carton or two and make […]

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    hope you all have a great weekend! cute and easy to make table numbers, think about making them on recycled paper   toasted marshmallow squares, she uses jam instead chocolate… just think of the flavor possibilites!   painted name tags for a ______ shower   summer gluten free recipes, like cherry crumble pie   embroidered Kayne West tweets, seriously […]

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  • boutonnieres & favors

    If you aren’t having a traditional ceremony, like where everyone walks down the aisle, but certain guests will still have special roles, like making a speech or the parents of the couple, what do you do? Typically the men wear boutonnieres and the ladies in the wedding party carry bouquets but why not have a […]

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  • i’m moving

    print by Ein Bier, bitter   Some of you may already know this, but I’ve decided to leave Chicago and move back to Wisconsin for the summer and hopefully put down roots in Minneapolis this Fall. And today, even though my workplace knew about it, I put in my letter of resignation, so I thought […]

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  • purl bee & mother’s day

    I haven’t decided what I’ll make my mother for Mother’s day but I’ve done a little searching for ideas and found a few great how-to post for crafts to make mom for mother’s day, check out The Best of The Purl Bee Mother’s Day Projects, Crocheted Washcloths  and Liberty Handkerchief Set. Do you have any ideas […]

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  • wedding invitations

    Tomorrow I’m having a chat with the couple I’m working with about our project timeline, menu planning and you guessed it wedding invitations. Now, you can do a DIY invite but before adding that to your list of things to do, consider ordering your invitations from a designer on Etsy. There are a ton to […]