puppy dog cowl

The air is getting chilly, frost is on the ground and the pumpkin spice flavors are out in full force! Fall is officially here and that means I’m digging out our winter gear. I originally designed this cowl for those days when you didn’t want the extra layers but needed the warmth. Now I’m thinking that Ella pulls it off so well, it may become a puppy dog cowl pattern!


No this isn’t an April Fools’ Day joke. I’m really posting and since it has be awhile I thought I’d do a quick recap on what the heck I’ve been doing the last couple of months.

Survived winter.  Which if you’re not familiar with the emotional roller coaster that is winter, please see 20 April Ludgate GIF that describe how I and probably everyone else who has had to deal with below zero temperatures and the other sick jokes that mother nature has played on us for the past six months.

AIR yoga

Joined ClassPass.  If you’ve been following my Instagram you’ve seen that starting in February I worked to complete thirty classes in little over a month. I completed my goal in early March and have gone down to 3 to 4 classes a week and getting outside for runs.  I have a lot to say about ClassPass and the workouts that I’ve been doing, so I’m going to post more on that tomorrow.

Read books.  A few days before winter break started I realized that I had not finished one of the three books (Night Circus, Wild and Goldfinch) that I had started months before, so I resolved to finish Goldfinch before going back to work and I did!  I also started and finished The Circle and I’m about 50 pages into The Marriage Plot and can’t wait to pick up The Girl on the Train. I also started listening to books and for those of you who commute, check out Audible.  I listened to Yes Please and loved it! I just picked up #Girlboss and once that is done I plan to listen to Girl in a Band. I find autobiographies the easiest thing to listen to. Tip: listen to the preview before you buy. There’s a reason why they give Grammy Awards for Best Spoken Word.


I decorated. With the help of a vintage store going out of business, my parents hand me downs and a small town interior design store in December and January my apartment went from odds and ends to a full blown adult apartment. I have rugs, a dinning room table, throw pillows, etc.  It is so cozy and I love it.  Above are just pictures of the living and dinning room but I’m always posting kitchen photos on Instagram.

I knit. More on this later. I have four friends expecting babes in the next three months and I have been busy.

I baked. Cookies, muffins, bread, etc.  Nothing really new, I mostly stuck with my standards but this week I tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe The Chewy from Alton Brown.  I wasn’t impressed and as a friend said, “They aren’t bad but you’ve made better.”

I watched a lot of shows. Again I’m going to do a whole post on this but if you haven’t checked out Bloodline, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or the HBO documentary Going Clear, please do.

Hope you enjoyed this update.  I’m happy to be posting again and I hope you continue to check in.

Happy spring!

patterns in progress

work in progress

I’ve been working on a new pattern line called Kiddie Cocktail.  It is patterns for ages 6 months and up.  The line will focus on function and fashion for hip kids.  Sorry, no pumpkin hat patterns.  I’m going to try  to make every pattern under one skein per color using Blue Sky Alpacas and have options to make accompanying pieces, like a hat and mittens.


I’ll keep you updated as I’m designing and getting feedback from parents and kids.  If you have ideas or elements of outerwear that you wish your kids have, like earflaps, send them my way!  And a big thank you to Merrill for trying on the first hat pattern!


p.s. photo of Merrill by Amanda Hall


link love

image via Green Tie Studio


It has been a crazy weekend filled with missing bus stops, last-minute ticket purchases for Riot Fest, super fun date conversations, cold recovery, furniture building and possibly picture hanging.  What have you been doing with your weekend?  You still have a whole day!  Do something fun and not on your list.

Crafty’s Geekiest Knitting Patterns

Brown Butter Waffle Cake, can’t wait to make this for a fall birthday brunch.

How to be Alone, reading this before I begin to make travel plans.

Grandma’s be tagging

I’m giving up Chanel 5 for this musk.

Avocado Toast

Can’t stop playing Tampon Run.

Toft Luxury British Knitting.  Finally a well designed yarn website!

Foxygen, How Can You Really and Frazey Ford, September Fields

Let’s talk about death baby.

I want to see The Skeleton Twins

Oooh you don’t like it when I’m sarcastic?



link love

All summer I have Fridays off and I kicked my first Friday off by sleeping in, making eggs in a basket and sipping coffee on my back porch. Do you have an altered work schedule for the summer months?  If so will you do anything differently with your time out of the office?


The Slap‘ A short film that captures strangers and acquaintances slapping each other. Would you participate?


I would play this arcade game.


I’ve started taking this piece of advice on dates.


This may be my new favorite cookie recipe, but I’d add dark chocolate chips.


A 90-year human life graphed out in weeks.


A simple cowl to knit for cool summer nights.


Finally updated my “about me” page.


Possible weekend project and another reason to buy a drill.



link love


I’ve been going down a lot of different internet rabbit holes lately and I think I’ve found a couple of neat things for you all to look at and maybe help you pass the time this last Friday of Spring.


Girls be Coding from Made with Code


Wool and the Gang is having a Summer Sale


You use all 23 senses when you eat cheese!


The Grand Budapest Hotel lego style


Maybe you should embroider those overalls?


How to scientifically cut a cake.


Such a trippy and somewhat Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.




crochet candy


When I was knitting elephant this Summer I made myself crochet the lining to the ears instead of doing the knit around. It was frustrating but now that I’ve spotted this Whit’s Knits Crochet Candy Ornaments pattern I think it may have been worth every frustrating moment to be able to possibly make a few holiday gifts before Christmas eve hits.

Oh and yes, I am redoing a lot of stuff on the blog and I’m not quite sure how things are going to work out and I’m super thankful that you are being patient and still reading.

have a great weekend




If you have time this weekend you can get a head start on your Thanksgiving dinner with these make ahead dishes.


Is this how you feel about your holiday knitting?


I’ve talked about buttermilk substitutes a lot but Joy the Baker gives us a few more options and a recipe for Maple Buttermilk Custard pie.


An interesting conversation about beauty rituals.  Do you have one?


A video of Louis C.K. explaining his just say no policy.


You can now map out the places you’d like to explore on Pintrest.


Day of the Doctor is almost here!



weekend love




Last weekend friends and I went bowling at Bryant Lake Bowl and it was a blast. We got there early at 6:30 pm and bowled three games. Our last game or frame we played the group next to us for desserts. We won but shared all of the delicious treats. This adventure bowling made me start thinking of other fun indoor activities that you can do with friends during the Winter (besides cocktail hour) and I was wondering if you all have any suggestions or favorite activities?


Getting ready for Thanksgiving and need a GF pie crust? Check out GF Girl’s recipe.


All of my knitting patterns are available on this website but you can also find them and the folks knitting them on Kollabora and Ravelry.


A September soundtrack and quick morning wake-up workout from The Four Percent.


Homemade Bloody Mary Mix recipe from Goop.


With the chilly Fall weather setting in don’t you want to sew or just snuggle up with one of these blankets.


When running I’ve been tucking my hands into my sleeves and have started writing a pattern for running mitts. Anything you’d like to have in a pair of running mitts?