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Last weekend friends and I went bowling at Bryant Lake Bowl and it was a blast. We got there early at 6:30 pm and bowled three games. Our last game or frame we played the group next to us for desserts. We won but shared all of the delicious treats. This adventure bowling made me start thinking of other fun indoor activities that you can do with friends during the Winter (besides cocktail hour) and I was wondering if you all have any suggestions or favorite activities?


Getting ready for Thanksgiving and need a GF pie crust? Check out GF Girl’s recipe.


All of my knitting patterns are available on this website but you can also find them and the folks knitting them on Kollabora and Ravelry.


A September soundtrack and quick morning wake-up workout from The Four Percent.


Homemade Bloody Mary Mix recipe from Goop.


With the chilly Fall weather setting in don’t you want to sew or just snuggle up with one of these blankets.


When running I’ve been tucking my hands into my sleeves and have started writing a pattern for running mitts. Anything you’d like to have in a pair of running mitts?



halloween costume


October is almost here and Halloween costumes are starting to flood the shelves in every store around town, do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween? I do! I think I’m going to be Raquel Welch‘s character from One Million Years B.C. I think it will be pretty easy to construct and I get to wear furry slippers all night! Do you have any costume ideas? Will you make your own or purchase? Will you have a Mean Girls costume or a scary costume? Let me know!



For my 29th birthday my friend’s Cole and Emily gave me Plenty and a handmade tote bag. The all vegetarian cookbook is a collection and adaptation of recipes that Yotam Ottolenghi wrote for the Guardian. It is an amazing book filled with such easy and challanging recipes. If you are a vegetarain or have a veg family member I would suggest ordering this book, espically for the rapidly approaching holiday season. Want a preview of the book’s recipes check out this Sweet Corn Polenta with Eggplant Sauce on Food 52’s site.


I’m not sure where Emily picked up the pattern for the tote bag but I do know she took a few classes at The Needle Shop in Chicago to brush up on her sewing skills.  If you don’t have a local shop that holds classes, check out Kollabora they have online classes like, Sewing Machine Basics. Prepare yourself for the gift giving season.


drawstring backpack



The Purl bee posted the Liberty Backpack project on Sunday and at first I just though aw what a cute bag for a child. Then this morning when I looked at the project again, it dawned on me that you could make these backpacks for bridesmaids for their thank you gift filled with a pair of Toms, a cute and all-natural lip balm, a pack of gum or mints, and a wine glass tumbler washed and ready to use to help ease the pain of all those pictures!

happy weekend


McNulty and Bellatrix Lestrange as Burton and Taylor


Great ideas for how to display family photos.


Need a summer scarf and a Summer time sewing project? This Smocked Summer Scarf project is perfect for you!


A new and positive way to start your day.


New style of my favorite print from Megan Lee Designs.


50% off sale at Tattly! Buy a few for gift bags, to put in care packages or to slap on before you go out for the night.


It has been months since I’ve watched The West Wing but I still think about Josh Lyman and want him to be my best friend, like him and Donna before things got mushy.


rain, rain, go away

ice cream

My sister-in-law and I were driving home from our Uncle’s retirement party and decided that we should make an ice cream stop and she introduced my to Flapdoodles Homemade Ice Cream. It was the best ice cream treat I’ve had in years! Do you have a favorite ice cream parlor that you’ll be checking out this weekend?


Is this rainy weather causing you to pull out a few of your unfinished knitting projects? I would check out this Intermediate End Weaving tutorial to find out how to keep that tail hidden.


Your Digital To-Do from Project Eve on how to establish your company’s online presence.


Did you make it through the school year or learn something new in the past few months? Then embroider yourself a Merit Badge.


Just saw this recipe for Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies on Live with Kelly and Michael and can’t wait to making them this week.


A cheap way to keep your stuff safe.


Going camping this Summer? You may want to pick up this awesome tent!





If you have 30 minutes this weekend and are a granola fan you should make this recipe from Whole Living. I made it on Wednesday morning with sliced almonds, pepitas, flaxseed meal, agave syrup, cherries and golden raisins.

avoir un bon week-end

After a few days of hanging out with my niece I am heading back to Wisconsin today. I am bummed to be parting ways with my partner in crime, but I am super excited for next week and have a lot to get done before I hop on a plane to celebrate my cousin’s wedding!


Great Lake or Ocean? I thought I would be so good at this game because I’ve lived by two Great Lakes but I was not. Still a great “game” to play while sipping your coffee this morning.


I’m planning on making this Whole Wheat Blackberry Ricotta scone recipe for my early morning plane ride treat.


8 Signs You Are Actually A Cat. All eight apply to me.


Would you make or wear a craft apron?


Sue’s pizza blog post reminded me of when she made shaved asparagus pizza it was soooo good!


The Scientific 7-Minute Workout. This kicked my butt but it is hard to talk yourself out of spending 7 minutes on working out.

cheddar loaf



Next week, I’ll be sharing one sweet and one savory bread recipe.


If you are a Seth Godin fan, you’ll love this talk he did for CreativeMornings.


My niece and I have been jamming out to Jackson 5’s ABC, any song with clapping hands or cups.


p.s. i heart both these dudes.


image via a paper aeroplane


MK and Calley

Sorry for missing Wednesday’s blog post but I was hanging out with my niece, Lady M. It is so exciting that she is walking but boy did it wipe me out!  Yeah, Moms and Dads you are amazing!

Now, aprons. I wear an apron pretty much every time that I bake. I like that I can throw it on if I want to whip something together and not have to worry about getting my pants covered in flour or chocolate on my shirt. So I thought I would share a few aprons that you can buy and make! Trust me once you throw an apron on, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use one every other time you were cooking, baking or grilling.

Mignon Kitchen Co


This great Ticking Apron from Mignon Kitchen Co is a great price and would be great for a guy or girl. Oh and it is handmade in Ellendale, Minnesota! I also like this Cuisine Couture Apron.

If you’d like to sew your own apron, you can get this Apron of Delight pattern or the Simple Sewing book from Lotta Jansdotter has a few smart apron patterns and can be found on Kollabora! Would you make your apron out of a print or solid fabric?


embroidered gifts


I was poking around Design Sponge and found an Embroidery 101 blog post by Jessica Marquez. The California-raised, Brooklyn-based maker behind Miniature Rhino recently released her first book, Stitched Gifts: 25 Simple and Sweet Embroidery Projects for Every Occasion with Chronicle Books.


While I haven’t read the book, the tutorial was great and I can’t wait to make the Running Stitch Summer Scarf for late Spring and early Summer birthday gifts.What are your favorite DIY gifts?