the one with all the thanksgiving episodes

I love Friends. I could quote pretty much every episode and the Thanksgiving episodes are my favorites. My favorite is the Flashback episode! What is your favorite episode?

  • The One Where the Underdog Gets Away- Season 1, Episode 9: This episode establishes the tradition and is a must see.
  • The One With the List -Season 2, Episode 8: This episode is really a Ross and Rachel storyline. I suggest getting up to check on your turkey during this episode.
  • The One with the Football -Season 3, Episode 9: This episode is one of my personal favorites. It reminds me the most of my own brother-sister relationship.
  • The One with Chandler in the Box- Season 4, Episode 7: This episode is the reason I use the word “threefold” and is a classic Joey & Chandler storyline.

  • The One with the Thanksgiving Flashbacks- Season 5, Episode 8: This episode gave us the gif of Monica dancing with a turkey head and a young Joesph Gordon Levitt.
  • The One Where Ross Got High- Season 6, Episode 9: This episode is where we learn what a trifle is, why Monica and Ross’ parents don’t like Chandler, and how far Joey will go for the hot roommate. 
  • The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs –Season 7, Episode 8: The episode that’s worth it for Joey’s “moo point.”
  • The One with the Rumor –Season 8, Episode 9: The episode where you’re reminded of the glorious Brad Pitt and his comedy skills.
  • The One with Rachel’s Other Sister -Season 9, Episode 8: The episode where Christina Applegate crushes it as the sister you never wish you had.
  • The One with the Late Thanksgiving– Season 10, Episode 8: The episode where you agree with their decision to call it quits. 

road trip 2017!

My dog, Ella and I are taking a cross-country road trip and documenting it all. here on the blog and on our Instagram. On our adventures, we are hiking, trying all the local kombucha, doing yoga, and chatting with folks about breed-specific laws in the US. Check back for dog mom hiking tips and road trip tricks.

link love

All summer I have Fridays off and I kicked my first Friday off by sleeping in, making eggs in a basket and sipping coffee on my back porch. Do you have an altered work schedule for the summer months?  If so will you do anything differently with your time out of the office?


The Slap‘ A short film that captures strangers and acquaintances slapping each other. Would you participate?


I would play this arcade game.


I’ve started taking this piece of advice on dates.


This may be my new favorite cookie recipe, but I’d add dark chocolate chips.


A 90-year human life graphed out in weeks.


A simple cowl to knit for cool summer nights.


Finally updated my “about me” page.


Possible weekend project and another reason to buy a drill.



link love


I’ve been going down a lot of different internet rabbit holes lately and I think I’ve found a couple of neat things for you all to look at and maybe help you pass the time this last Friday of Spring.


Girls be Coding from Made with Code


Wool and the Gang is having a Summer Sale


You use all 23 senses when you eat cheese!


The Grand Budapest Hotel lego style


Maybe you should embroider those overalls?


How to scientifically cut a cake.


Such a trippy and somewhat Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.




gift wrapping

Who knew gift wrapping could be so fun?



Also, did you know that this is Computer Science Education week and Hour of Code?  It is a weeklong event that encourages students to become active in the computer programing world and start to write code.  There are lots of tutorials on the website and a lot of great ideas on how to get coding.

Day of the Doctor



Saturday was the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and tonight I’m going to watch the full length movie Day of the Doctor… in a movie theater… in 3D!



As you can probably tell I’m pretty excited and was pretty lucky to have no at home internet access all weekend to keep me away from all the spoilers.  I’d like to say I was a super fan of the show but the folks who went all out in costumes and even made special food and drinks take the cake.  I’ll let you all know how much I love the movie on Wednesday and since I have the day off I’ll be able to share all those pie recipes I’ve been promising but for now here is a How to Make a Lattice Pie Crust tutorial.

have a great weekend




If you have time this weekend you can get a head start on your Thanksgiving dinner with these make ahead dishes.


Is this how you feel about your holiday knitting?


I’ve talked about buttermilk substitutes a lot but Joy the Baker gives us a few more options and a recipe for Maple Buttermilk Custard pie.


An interesting conversation about beauty rituals.  Do you have one?


A video of Louis C.K. explaining his just say no policy.


You can now map out the places you’d like to explore on Pintrest.


Day of the Doctor is almost here!



workout wednesday

I’m into my third week of work and have been brutally reminded of how quickly those bite sized candy bars, catered lunches and yummy treats from co-workers can add up from one small treat yourself moment to a bad habit. So last week Thursday I kicked the mini candy bars to the curb and today I introduced my co-workers dance breaks and air squats and jumping jack TABATAs. What do you do at work to keep you moving and healthy? Also, I’m super excited to take class at Tula yoga studio on Saturday.