Dutch Oven Bread


I feel like a broken record but I don’t think this Winter is ever going to end and it seems that I’m coping by baking bread and ingesting as many carbohydrates and dark chocolate as possible.




I have been using the New York Times No Knead Bread recipe (pictured above) and yesterday I tried Alaska From Scratch‘s Dutch Oven Crusty Bread recipe.  I like both of them and think that after a few more tries I’ll find my groove with my oven, the amount of time to let the dough rise and the yeast, water, flour combination.    Do you have a trusty bread recipe?  If so, please share!


image via Gemma Correll

neutella day



So if you haven’t noticed, I have been tinkering around in my blog for the last few months because I was trying to get some of the bugs, like setting up a publish time and photo formatting working.  While I haven’t gotten everything figured out, I decided it was time to get posing again and I will be sharing lots!  Like how I bought a dutch oven (on sale at TJ Maxx) and an immersion blender to help me through Winter.

banana nutella muffins


When we were kids my Aunt Missy used to bring back Nutella from Germany and we were amazed that we could eat such a delicious treat on toast for BREAKFAST!  Now you can get it in almost every grocery store but it still holds a special place in my heart.  So when I realized that today was Nutella Day (I know, another day) I thought about few months ago when I made Nutella Banana Muffins and decided that I should make this Nutella Swirled Banana Bread recipe.  I think I’ve learned that you really need to make sure that the Nutella is covered by batter so you don’t have it browning or even burning before the muffin or bread is fully baked.  Do you have any baking with Nutella tips or recipes?





carrot cake


Did you know today was National Carrot Cake Day?  I didn’t either but I can get behind this random holiday, especially because I have about 4 pounds of carrots in my refrigerator. There are a lot of great recipes around the blogs for carrot cake but I am a huge fan of Carrot Cake Cookies or Carrot Cake Sandwiches.  I haven’t made a batch for awhile but you can grab the recipe here and there is this one here.  They aren’t that different from each other but it is always good to have options.  The picture above is Carrot Cheese Cake and you can find the recipe here.  What would you make? Or are you a more traditional Carrot Cake fan, like this Kitchn recipe?

Christmas Cookie Time


Nothing like Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and Mariah to get you in the mood for some Christmas cookie baking!

And with Bon Appetit’s 25 Days of Cookies series you’ll have plenty of new recipes to try and share with friends.  Even though I have my go to sugar cookie recipe, I am going to try ba’s painted cookies idea.  Are you sticking with the old standards or trying something new this year?

gift wrapping

Who knew gift wrapping could be so fun?



Also, did you know that this is Computer Science Education week and Hour of Code?  It is a weeklong event that encourages students to become active in the computer programing world and start to write code.  There are lots of tutorials on the website and a lot of great ideas on how to get coding.

crochet candy


When I was knitting elephant this Summer I made myself crochet the lining to the ears instead of doing the knit around. It was frustrating but now that I’ve spotted this Whit’s Knits Crochet Candy Ornaments pattern I think it may have been worth every frustrating moment to be able to possibly make a few holiday gifts before Christmas eve hits.

Oh and yes, I am redoing a lot of stuff on the blog and I’m not quite sure how things are going to work out and I’m super thankful that you are being patient and still reading.

Day of the Doctor



Saturday was the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and tonight I’m going to watch the full length movie Day of the Doctor… in a movie theater… in 3D!



As you can probably tell I’m pretty excited and was pretty lucky to have no at home internet access all weekend to keep me away from all the spoilers.  I’d like to say I was a super fan of the show but the folks who went all out in costumes and even made special food and drinks take the cake.  I’ll let you all know how much I love the movie on Wednesday and since I have the day off I’ll be able to share all those pie recipes I’ve been promising but for now here is a How to Make a Lattice Pie Crust tutorial.

have a great weekend




If you have time this weekend you can get a head start on your Thanksgiving dinner with these make ahead dishes.


Is this how you feel about your holiday knitting?


I’ve talked about buttermilk substitutes a lot but Joy the Baker gives us a few more options and a recipe for Maple Buttermilk Custard pie.


An interesting conversation about beauty rituals.  Do you have one?


A video of Louis C.K. explaining his just say no policy.


You can now map out the places you’d like to explore on Pintrest.


Day of the Doctor is almost here!



workout wednesday

I’m into my third week of work and have been brutally reminded of how quickly those bite sized candy bars, catered lunches and yummy treats from co-workers can add up from one small treat yourself moment to a bad habit. So last week Thursday I kicked the mini candy bars to the curb and today I introduced my co-workers dance breaks and air squats and jumping jack TABATAs. What do you do at work to keep you moving and healthy? Also, I’m super excited to take class at Tula yoga studio on Saturday.