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  • april

    No this isn’t an April Fools’ Day joke. I’m really posting and since it has be awhile I thought I’d do a quick recap on what the heck I’ve been doing the last couple of months. Survived winter.  Which if you’re not familiar with the emotional roller coaster that is winter, please see 20 April […]

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  • Tattly Party Fun

      It was my friend Sue’s 30th birthday (on the right, the one wearing the tiara) last Monday and to celebrate we threw a big backyard bash a the weekend before. We knew that we were going to be throwing the party since the start of Summer, so when Tattly a temporary tattoo company run […]

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  • happy weekend

      McNulty and Bellatrix Lestrange as Burton and Taylor   Great ideas for how to display family photos.   Need a summer scarf and a Summer time sewing project? This Smocked Summer Scarf project is perfect for you!   A new and positive way to start your day.   New style of my favorite print from Megan […]

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  • birthday cake!

    Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays, so many March birthdays and I love celebrating each of them but this past weekend I celebrated a very special birthday, my niece’s first birthday!   The birthday girl’s parents requested cake pops for the big event, so a few weeks before the party I started to pick up different colored candy […]

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  • moving

    The new roommie and I have signed a lease, hired movers and started to complain about packing.  But all the moving pains don’t compare to how  stoked I am to live in a house with an office space, two kitchen aids and possibly a lazy boy recliner love seat!  I’m also pretty pumped to use my DIYness to […]