decorating donuts


Have you ever thought of having a donut decorating party or making it apart of your holiday party or baby shower?  You could purchase plain donuts at the grocery store and pick up frosting, sprinkles, coconut, nuts and cereal for guests to decorate the donuts. If you wanted to you could make the donuts from scratch you can use this recipe or a trick my friend taught me, just take a can of biscuits a shot glass or something similar, cut a hole in the biscuit dough and fry them up and here are a bunch of icing recipes. I think this activity would be fun for kids and adults and would even be a great way of getting rid of your decorating odds and ends.





weekend full of pumpkins

It is your last weekend to get your pumpkin decorating and carving on, so I thought I would share a couple of diy pumpkin decorating projects and a few pumpkin recipes.  If you haven’t done any serious pumpkin carving or designs check out this Pumpkin Carving 101 post.


Embroidered Pumpkins


Sequin Pumpkin


Paint Dipped Pumpkin


Southern Living’s 31 Pumpkin Carving Ideas


String Art Pumpkin


Typographic Pumpkin


Raw Pumpkin Pie Bites


Sweet & Salty Pumpkin Seeds




happy weekend


McNulty and Bellatrix Lestrange as Burton and Taylor


Great ideas for how to display family photos.


Need a summer scarf and a Summer time sewing project? This Smocked Summer Scarf project is perfect for you!


A new and positive way to start your day.


New style of my favorite print from Megan Lee Designs.


50% off sale at Tattly! Buy a few for gift bags, to put in care packages or to slap on before you go out for the night.


It has been months since I’ve watched The West Wing but I still think about Josh Lyman and want him to be my best friend, like him and Donna before things got mushy.


wedding love


Today seemed like an excellent day to share a few DIY wedding ideas with everyone.



20 Wedding Backdrop Ideas from Design Sponge



Dip feathers bought from Amazon or found in paint and add to center pieces, bouquets, or using different lengths of string hang them up through the venue.


Dress up your everyday T-strap sandal with ribbon or paint the the toe one of the wedding colors.  Either way you could save your wedding party money and they won’t have to pack a spare pare of shoes.


And when everything is over, you may want to check out these DIY Flower-Dyed Thank you Notes project.  Hope everyone is having a great time making plans for their weddings!


leather bracelet

On a quick errand with a friend I popped into a boutique with a friend and found this great leather bracelet.  I wore it all the time, it worked so well with every music festival outfit but last Summer when I went to pull it out of my jewelry bag, it broke! I was sad but moved on until today when I found this DIY leather bracelet tutorial. It may take me a whole afternoon and about a bizillion tries, but I will be making one to wear for at least one Summer show.

wedding posts


I was watching the Parks and Rec episode Leslie and Ben and it occurred to me that I haven’t posted anything about weddings for awhile, so I thought I’d share a few things I’ve spotted on the internet the last few months.


Inspiration-100 Layer Cake


100 Layer Cake’s Inspiration Guide has tons of ideas and makes it easy to pin all the photos.



Etsy’s Pick your Pattern: Stylish Wedding Prints post has a the Style Quiz, so you can discover perfect wedding ideas for you.



Joy Ever After’s diy post A Faux Chalkboard was written for the holidays but you can make one for folks to hold taking pictures, to direct guests or the bar menu. For more ideas you can check out my “Wedding” Pintrest board and I promise even though I’m not planning a one right now, I will post more about weddings.

boutonnieres & favors

If you aren’t having a traditional ceremony, like where everyone walks down the aisle, but certain guests will still have special roles, like making a speech or the parents of the couple, what do you do? Typically the men wear boutonnieres and the ladies in the wedding party carry bouquets but why not have a “unisex” boutonniere that everyone with a part in the wedding can wear? Like the herbal boutonnieres that are pictured above.

You could even have theme drinks based on the wedding parties herbs, like mojitos. Or and this may be a bit much, but you could give each “wedding party” member a starter plant that matches their boutonniere or a recipe that includes the vegetable from the plant and the dried herb they are wearing. Very personalized and pretty practical. Go here for the diy plant favors and here for the diy wedding boutonnieres.

david the gnome, part two

Step One: Take your complementary fabric and measure it to cover the width and the length of the pillow, cut the strips of fabric.

Step Two: Sew the panel and strip together, leaving you with a Side A (David) and Side B (lots of little Davids). Measure your plain white linning fabric to match the size of both the panels.

Step Three: Sew lining Side A to Side A and then repeat for B.

Step Four: Flip Side A and B right side facing each other and sew top and two sides together, leaving the bottom open for the pillow.

Step Five: Sew up the edging of the bottom about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch or insert a zipper.

Step Six: Stuff the pillow inside the D.t.G pillow case and cuddle.