patterns in progress

work in progress

I’ve been working on a new pattern line called Kiddie Cocktail.  It is patterns for ages 6 months and up.  The line will focus on function and fashion for hip kids.  Sorry, no pumpkin hat patterns.  I’m going to try  to make every pattern under one skein per color using Blue Sky Alpacas and have options to make accompanying pieces, like a hat and mittens.


I’ll keep you updated as I’m designing and getting feedback from parents and kids.  If you have ideas or elements of outerwear that you wish your kids have, like earflaps, send them my way!  And a big thank you to Merrill for trying on the first hat pattern!


p.s. photo of Merrill by Amanda Hall


hats, hats & more hats


I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and you enjoyed your time with family and friends! I spent the first half of the holiday weekend with friends and playing with my little cousins at the Children’s Museum but come Sunday, I created my knitting nest and didn’t move till Monday afternoon.

I’m knitting up more of the style of hats I created this Fall to stock up my inventory for holiday shoppers. Also, I’m working on some really amahzing ornaments that I should be able to show you sometime next week.  If you like the hats that you see above and are a knitter you should take a look at Merino Hats for Everyone pattern from Purl Bee.  What are you creating for the holidays?

baby hipster

I spent all last week hanging out with my 6 month old niece and was super inspired to make a younger version of the slouchy hats I’ve been designing lately. At first I thought that the hat may not last that long on my niece’s head before she tried to pull it off, but because it wasn’t so tight that she didn’t mind having it on. I think I’m going to knit the pattern up one more time before I share the pattern on Ravelry, but I promise to let you all know when it is posted. Also, you can keep up to date on all the projects I’m working on via Twitter and Facebook.

mocs & hat

This past weekend I attended a baby shower for my a friend who is expecting a boy this Fall and knit a pair of moccasin booties and hat for the little one to sport this Winter.

I’ve posted and thought about knitting the baby mocs pattern from Purl Bee for the last year and finally decided it was time to take it off my Ravelry queue. If you think these booties look familiar they are the same colorway as Max’s booties.

When I showed my sister-in-law the booties, she suggested adding a tie to help secure the booties on the little one’s feet. Apparently babies like kick off footwear. Also, the pattern calls for 5 skeins of yarn but you really don’t need that much, since you can use leftover yarn from other projects for the embellishments.

The hat is variation of the newborn hat pattern I’ve used in the past and with added bear ears… or what I like to think are bear ears.  I used Spud & Chole Sweater yarn for the hat and Berroco Plush for white part of the ears.

Later this week I will post my version of the pattern on my Patterns Page which will include how to make the bear ears.




so many projects

With the long weekend coming up I thought I should figure out what projects I should bring up north to the cabin with me, below is what I have to choose from.

This started as a baby blanket but after I made Maddy’s purple blanket I decided to keep going and to make it for my friends’ wedding.

The pink and brown yarn is going to be used for something but I’m not sure just yet. I was thinking about making a pair of booties or maybe adding a skein and making the Little Baby Sweater from Purl Bee.

Hopefully this will be the first pair of socks that I’ve knitted, the pattern is Turkish Bed Socks from Chruchmouse Yarns and Teas.

Where better to finish knitting the cow than in Wisconsin?

Not quite sure what this will be, but I love the color combination. Hopefully whatever I pack can be shown off on Monday!

hats for maddy

Before Maddy was born, I knit a few newborn hats for her in neutral colors. But now that we know she is a beautiful little girl, the pinks and purples have been pulled from my stash and have been knit into new born hats.

And because Easter is this weekend, I decided that she needs a hat with bunny ears. The pattern is a combination of the newborn hat pattern and the bunny ears from Babbity Rabbity ears. Don’t worry, I promise to post the pattern this evening.


This past summer I started the log cabin baby blanket and then when I was about 50% finished, I noticed it wasn’t looking like the pattern… at all.  I discovered I was not picking up the right amount of stitches and not knitting enough rows.  So when my new little cousin was born, her blanket was not ready and instead I made her a newborn hat and started all over on knitting the blanket.  And now for Ella’s baby shower the blanket still isn’t finished so I made…

baby mittens to match her hat and

stripped baby leg warmers!



head to toe

I finished my brother’s birthday gift, finally, and I sent it off to MN.  Everything about knitting this hat was easy, except for using kitchener stitch to finish it off.  Luckly PurlBee had a great tutorial but if you’re anything like me and knit in front of the tv then you will want to turn off Vampire Diaries… I mean, uh that great show on PBS and pay close attention to what you are doing.

Next on my knitting list is to finish these leg warmers, pattern also from Purl Bee, since I would really like to wear them during all my yoga teacher training classes.




happy heel stitch

My goal for this past weekend was to finish my brother’s birthday present, the heel stitch hat pattern, but only made it about 2 inches in before I decided to take it out because I was not slipping the “slip stitch” properly. I frogged the project on Friday night and started again on Saturday and sadly to say, I only knitted 6 inches by today. Hopefully I will be able to do some speed knitting so I can make sure to have it in the mail and to Minneapolis by the end of this week.