magical monday

We get it, Garfield, Mondays are the worst. But instead of focusing on the terrible part about Mondays, I like to focus on all that I can get done in a week to fully enjoy my weekend. It was a habit I cultivated when I went back to school in January and it served me well as I was going to school three days a week and needed to make the most of my downtime. On Sunday nights, I write down a list of everything I’m interested in: doing, reading, seeing, learning, etc. And on Monday morning as my coffee slowly kicks in I put everything in a Google Keep list and set reminders for anything that has a due date. This allows me to see everything I plan to do and prioritize what I “need” to get done and what would be “nice” if I got it done. For example, “redesigning my website” goes in the need pile and “finishing colorful wedges baby blanket” goes into the nice pile. This way when it’s Friday night and I’ve finished everything on my need list, I can enjoy the weekend completing my nice list. It makes binge-watching Hallmark Christmas movies much more rewarding knowing that I’ve got everything finished.  

patterns in progress

work in progress

I’ve been working on a new pattern line called Kiddie Cocktail.  It is patterns for ages 6 months and up.  The line will focus on function and fashion for hip kids.  Sorry, no pumpkin hat patterns.  I’m going to try  to make every pattern under one skein per color using Blue Sky Alpacas and have options to make accompanying pieces, like a hat and mittens.


I’ll keep you updated as I’m designing and getting feedback from parents and kids.  If you have ideas or elements of outerwear that you wish your kids have, like earflaps, send them my way!  And a big thank you to Merrill for trying on the first hat pattern!


p.s. photo of Merrill by Amanda Hall


knitting for animals

cat in the scarf



I’ve taught a lot of people to knit and every once and awhile I get a picture from a friend with their animal sporting a cowl (photo below) or funny hat, but on Sunday my friend Meggie shared the photo above of her cat Squirt wearing his new scarf. I was pretty impressed by Squirt’s modeling face and was wondering if you all have ever knitted for your animals? If you have, share some pictures and patterns!



photo (1)


october love


I am not sure where September went but October is here and I’ve already gone through 6 cans of pumpkin! I don’t plan to make anything pumpkin related this weekend because I think I’ll be spending most of my time knitting but what about you? Maybe you’re not into pumpkin, well I’ve got a few more recipes and things to do and read to share with you while you snuggle up to enjoy your lovely Autumn weekend.


A friend made a pizza with figs a few months ago and I’ve been looking for a simple baked good fig recipe since then and I think I found it in this Fig Almond Breakfast Cake.


I haven’t used the Bamboo Paper app yet but my colleague shared a document with me the other day using it and I think I might be in love.


A treeline stripped cardigan pattern from PurlBee looks like a great Fall sweater to wear and to knit.


You know I love to-do lists, so you know I’ll love the Brief History of the To-Do List.


Celebrate the change of seasons with 30 Ideas to Set the Autumn Mood.


This recipe for Homemade Ranch Dressing may make me change my position on using dressing on salads.


A print that should be in everyone’s home, office, wherever.


Carefree Caramel Cake has Fall birthday cake written all over it.






Ahh I’ve had “design a knit octopus” on my to do list forever and I’m so glad to see that Whit’s Knits  on The Purl Bee has created a free octopus pattern!



Who would you knit a stuffed octopus for?  I am thinking about making it for a friend’s birthday. Would you listen to Octopus’ s Garden while you made it?


images via the purl bee & boy girl party

spud from start to finish



Since I’ve mentioned Spud before I won’t go into much detail but I thought I would show you all how Spud grew into the cute lamb he is today.



He started out small but he increased row by row, similar to a top down hat or sock.




The twisted loop stitch was more time consuming than I thought it would be and I would probably try to avoid doing it in the future.




Filling stuffed animals with the fiber fill is so much fun because you finally get to see what the little guy is really going to look like.




I waited to assemble him until all his parts were completed.




Sans bow tie.




Spud is a pattern from Susan B. Anderson’s book Spud & Chole at the Farm.

a sheep & a machine


I mentioned before that I purchased a knitting machine and have very grand plans forwhat I’m going to do with it, but first I needed to assemble it and watch an instructional video.


I am very happy to say that I have now accomplished both! I practice knit a few small things and I’m pretty sure by the end of next week I’ll be casting-on my first “real” project.


I’ve also been knitting a few things for my niece’s first birthday later this month and even thought I started making this sheep a few days before Christmas, I will be sewing it all together sometime today.


What are you up to this weekend? Thinking about baking, then check out these 10 Favorite Peanut Butter Recipes post from Add a Pinch.

mabel cowl

Mabel Cowl

I just published my new pattern, Mabel Cowl! Since the end of August I’ve been working on creating accessory patterns using Blue Sky Alpacas yarn. The theme for the all the patterns is Midwestern practical and fashionable. Each piece is inspired by the lifestyles of my friends and can be worn around the cabin, running errands or going to a local venue for a show.


I wore the cowl on Friday to the Field Report show and it was perfect to wear all night in the venue and kept the chill out when walking a few blocks to the car. It was a great knit because the chevon stitch pattern keeps things interesting and the size 19 needles and bulky yarn make it a fast knit. You can purchase it here or on Ravelry.

friday odds & ends

odds and ends

Sorry to post so late in the day, but I start my Fridays at 4:30 am to teach my 5:30 am yoga class, so I always fear sitting down to write my blog post because I tend to fall asleep for a good 30 minutes before I write it. Lucky for me, I only dozed off for a few seconds before my dog came in the room and started barking at the space heater. Anyway, this week I’ve been up to a few different things like tracking down where I can buy Badger Spicy White Cheddar popcorn (more on that in my next post), listening to Phil Cook while reading my USM direction book and knitting up a baby hat out of leftover yarn from my log cabin baby blanket.

Oh and did I mention that you can buy the Wisconsin Cowl at The Local Store at Volume One? Well you can! As you can tell I’m pretty excited about it and I’m hoping that all this excitement will keep me awake during Silver Linings Playbook this evening.

And if you are excited for the Superbowl next weekend check out Design Sponge’s free coaster download. Hope you all have a great weekend!


photos via the local store & design sponge.