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  • patterns in progress

    I’ve been working on a new pattern line called Kiddie Cocktail.  It is patterns for ages 6 months and up.  The line will focus on function and fashion for hip kids.  Sorry, no pumpkin hat patterns.  I’m going to try  to make every pattern under one skein per color using Blue Sky Alpacas and have options to make accompanying […]

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  • october love

      I am not sure where September went but October is here and I’ve already gone through 6 cans of pumpkin! I don’t plan to make anything pumpkin related this weekend because I think I’ll be spending most of my time knitting but what about you? Maybe you’re not into pumpkin, well I’ve got a […]

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  • octopus

      Ahh I’ve had “design a knit octopus” on my to do list forever and I’m so glad to see that Whit’s Knits  on The Purl Bee has created a free octopus pattern!     Who would you knit a stuffed octopus for?  I am thinking about making it for a friend’s birthday. Would you listen to […]

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  • a sheep & a machine

    I mentioned before that I purchased a knitting machine and have very grand plans forwhat I’m going to do with it, but first I needed to assemble it and watch an instructional video. I am very happy to say that I have now accomplished both! I practice knit a few small things and I’m pretty sure by […]

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  • mabel cowl

    I just published my new pattern, Mabel Cowl! Since the end of August I’ve been working on creating accessory patterns using Blue Sky Alpacas yarn. The theme for the all the patterns is Midwestern practical and fashionable. Each piece is inspired by the lifestyles of my friends and can be worn around the cabin, running […]

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  • friday odds & ends

    Sorry to post so late in the day, but I start my Fridays at 4:30 am to teach my 5:30 am yoga class, so I always fear sitting down to write my blog post because I tend to fall asleep for a good 30 minutes before I write it. Lucky for me, I only dozed […]