magical monday

We get it, Garfield, Mondays are the worst. But instead of focusing on the terrible part about Mondays, I like to focus on all that I can get done in a week to fully enjoy my weekend. It was a habit I cultivated when I went back to school in January and it served me well as I was going to school three days a week and needed to make the most of my downtime. On Sunday nights, I write down a list of everything I’m interested in: doing, reading, seeing, learning, etc. And on Monday morning as my coffee slowly kicks in I put everything in a Google Keep list and set reminders for anything that has a due date. This allows me to see everything I plan to do and prioritize what I “need” to get done and what would be “nice” if I got it done. For example, “redesigning my website” goes in the need pile and “finishing colorful wedges baby blanket” goes into the nice pile. This way when it’s Friday night and I’ve finished everything on my need list, I can enjoy the weekend completing my nice list. It makes binge-watching Hallmark Christmas movies much more rewarding knowing that I’ve got everything finished.  

friday freak out

Ever get to the point where you want to pull a “Jessie Sapno” and freak out about not having enough time? Well, I have been on the brink of my own “Spano freak out” all week but before “Preppie” had to bring me down to earth, Friday arrived and I am able to spend the next two days finishing up all the projects I started or couldn’t finish this week. Here is what I have put on my list to accomplish this weekend.

finish hippo for noah charity

finish heirloom hat for Max

make project bags for knitting friends, who donated to the noah

finish one  square for the moderne log cabin blanket

take a nap

read living your yoga

make & bake new york time’s no knead bread

Oh, and maybe have a drink or two with friends.